ECR-Fleet-Solutions – individual concepts for efficient digital business processes

We are convinced that modified and optimized business processes are only successful when the needs and wishes of our customers are reflected in there. Therefore, it is always our vision to create together complete concepts for your processes. We will develop a solution that is geared to each individual client, which allows you to optimize all organizational processes and to get much more efficient.

Efficiency and transparency are the pillars of our business model

ECR-Fleet-Solutions is a neutral service provider for fleet managers for all brands and suppliers. It begins with the availability of the vehicle and goes to a straightforward organization of maintenance until the assessment of the vehicle at the end of the contract term. These complex fleet management processes should be executed respectfully. In this way a unique transparency and therefore a prompt control of all vehicle costs is always guaranteed. For example, you have a complete overview with current status about your tires or other wearing parts.

Planned services according to the modular principle

To provide our customers with maximum flexibility, we develop exactly your individual service package according to the modular system. You achieve significant competitive advantages, as well as positive effects for your market position. Your requests are our main focus and we respect your specifications for example your choice of the garages or the manufactures and the condition as well as the prices will be considered.

The intelligence for a quick process optimization: Credit Memo Processing

For ECR the credit memo processing represents a central building block in the process optimization. This procedure eliminates the normally required effort between the order and billed services and the partly very complex processing of incoming invoices and account assignments can be avoided.

Finally no more complicated billing process

Instead of your previous numerous paper invoices you will get proofed and structured data records in a unified format. All operations are examined by our system and our experts objectively and content-related with a revision-secure archiving. Of course you will have access to your original documents – online. Our technology enables the reliable and efficient transfer of the data in external or internal corporate systems. Last but not least, at the end of the process a perfectly prepared and proved data – including a meaningful report – is available for you.