Fleet Solutions

Individual Concepts for Digitalised Business Processes

We are convinced that business processes can only be successfully optimized if the needs and requirements of the customers are reflected in the changes. That is why we attach importance to creating overall concepts together with you. We offer each customer an individually tailored solution that incorporates their specific ideas and criteria right from the start and makes all organizational processes significantly more efficient.

Efficiency and Transparency Are the Pillars

ECR-Solutions is a neutral service provider for fleet managers, for all brands and suppliers. Our offer begins with the availability of the vehicle and includes the uncomplicated organization of maintenance work as well as the evaluation of the vehicle at the end of the contract period. These complex fleet management processes must be mastered and clearly documented in procurement as well as in operation, administration and controlling. This ensures a high degree of transparency and consequently a timely control of all vehicle costs. For example, you always have a complete and up-to-date overview of your tires or other wear parts.

Tailored and Flexible: The Modular Principle

To offer you as a customer maximum flexibility, we develop an individually tailored service package based on the “modular principle”. This enables you to achieve significant competitive advantages and improve your market positioning. In the process, we orient ourselves exactly to your specifications and wishes. This applies to the selection of workshops, the decision for certain manufacturers and the associated conditions as well as the calculation of service prices.

Intelligent and Fast: The Credit Note Procedure

For ECR, the credit note procedure is a central component of process optimization. This procedure eliminates the normally required verification effort between the order and the invoiced services, as well as the time-consuming processing of incoming invoices and account assignments.

Channeling the Flood of Invoices

We transform your numerous incoming paper invoices into uniformly formatted, checked, and structured data records. All processes are reviewed by our system and our experts for accuracy and archived in an audit-proof manner. Of course, you have access to your original documents at any time—even online. Our technology also enables the reliable and efficient transfer of data to external or internal company systems. At the end of the process, you have verified and perfectly prepared data at your disposal—including informative reporting.