Innovative telematics: EST

ECR has always been a neutral telematics service provider. This independence stands for our new, web-based solution for receiving, processing, and visualization of positions and vehicle data from a wide range of telematics and location systems: EST.

The perfect solution of telematics – no matter how your fleet looks like

One of the main strengths of EST is that mixed fleets could be tracked, controlled and optimized via a central platform. Also the monitoring of tractors, trailers, semi-trailers or containers which are equipped with a telematics solution of any manufacturer, is easily possible with EST.

Overview at a glance – by just one click

Especially for those who need to control a mixed fleet or even transport companies, EST is the perfect solution. You will have an overview about all used trucks at a glance and with just one click, for example, you find out current position or the driven kilometers. Reminder: Normally you have to be registered parallel or to take one after other vehicle to the existing platforms.

Easy data processing – whether with or without TMS

The centrally collected data in EST can be transferred if necessary in the transport management system (TMS) that is used by the shipper or forwarder. But even customers without TMS integration benefit from the collected data for easily processing to summarize and analyze reports.

Interfaces to 90% of the market, with option to 100%

So far, 16 leading telematics systems were already created with EST interfaces. These represent over 90% of the solutions in the market. Among these solutions are prominent names such as Fleet Board, Masternaut and Transics. By the way: The interfaces, which are not yet included by us, can be made within a few days.

As simple as controlling: the Login

The login of fleets or individual trucks with EST is done via a simple online registration. After registration fleet operators do not have only an overview of the telematics data of own vehicles, they could also temporarily unlock all partners who are involved in the transport process. With that the recipients and loaders can estimate and check at any time when the notified truck will arrive.

The ways become shorter – in particular on the data highway.

By EST, the distance between contractor and customer will be significantly shorter and thus more efficient: All valid vehicles are immediately shown to your business partner on the platform of EST. Great side-effect of the simple user login procedure: EST may also be used without much effort, for monitoring of transport companies even without regular cooperation.

Overview of the business benefits of the ECR-telematics solution

  • Routes of the carrier can be uniformly and accurately checked on the basis of the driven kilometers. Delays on the road or at the ramp will be registered immediately.
  • Vehicle managers or logistic providers can intervene at any time.
  • Excessive waiting times during loading or discharge can be documented.
  • Due to more efficient control and increased safety of operational processes and staff planning, a solid and transparent basis is given.
  • The services of your operator can be compared more transparently with each other. This establishes an objective basis for cooperation.