EST as an Innovative Telematics Solution

ECR has always been a neutral telematics service provider. This independence stands for our new, web-based solution for receiving, processing, and visualization of positions and vehicle data from a wide range of telematics and location systems: EST.

One Platform for All Fleets

EST provides you with a central platform through which mixed fleets can be tracked, controlled and optimized. This means that tractors, trailers or containers equipped with a wide variety of telematics solutions can be monitored, regardless of the manufacturer. All this is easily possible with EST.

Overview With Just One Click

Especially for managers of mixed fleets or transport operators, EST is the perfect solution. Only one click is needed to get an overview of all vehicles in use, including current position and kilometers driven. As a reminder: Until now, it was usually necessary to log in to the different platforms for the various telematics systems used on the vehicles, either in parallel or one after the other.

Easy Data Processing – With and Without TMS

The data collected centrally in EST can be easily transferred to the transport management system (TMS) used by the shipper or forwarder if required. But customers without a TMS connection also benefit from the platform, as the collected data can be easily processed, summarized in reports, and analyzed.

Interfaces With 90 % of the Market, 100 % Possible

So far, EST has already created interfaces to 16 leading telematics systems. Taken together, they represent over 90 per cent of the solutions on the market. Among them are established providers such as FleetBoard, Masternaut or Transics. By the way: The interfaces that we have not yet established can be realised within a few days.

Quick and Easy: The Registration

Fleets or individual vehicles are registered on the EST platform by means of a simple online registration. Afterwards, the fleet operator can not only view the telematics data of his own vehicles, but also activate the platform temporarily or permanently for other partners involved. In this way, the consignee and the shipper can estimate at any time when the notified truck will arrive.

Distances Are Shrinking – Even on the Data Highway

With EST, the information path between contractor and client becomes shorter, which makes processes much more efficient. All released vehicles are immediately visible to your business partners on the EST platform. The simple registration process has a nice side effect: EST can easily be used to monitor vehicles for transport companies with which there is no regular cooperation.

The Business Advantages of EST at a Glance

  • Routes can be controlled uniformly and precisely based on the kilometres actually driven; delays and hold-ups are registered immediately
  • Vehicle dispatchers and logisticians can intervene at an early stage
  • Long waiting times during loading or unloading can be documented.
  • Efficient tour and personnel planning ensure increased safety as well as lean and transparent operational processes
  • Comparison of the performance of different transport companies creates an objective basis for cooperation