SWAP Solutions

An Innovative Concept for Swap Users

The ECR Solutions SWAP service is much more than just another offer providing a swap body service – it is based on the innovative further development of existing market solutions. For instance, our SWAP service is uniquely controlled and supported by telematics at every step of the process.

Accident Prevention Checks Always in View

With the ECR system, the fleet always has a complete overview of the status of accident prevention checks. All dates are managed in the system and the current orders for inspections are available to the connected workshops. A daily updated file is created for deployment planning and vehicle disposition so that the SWAP bodies dues for examination can be dispatched.

No Compromises on Spare Parts and Workshops

When it comes to the fitting of spare parts, we rely exclusively on original parts and the associated quality. The focus is on operational safety, but also on the elimination of defects in the event of a warranty claim. ECR-Solutions therefore sets clear standards in the SWAP service world. Our carefully selected and tested partner workshops guarantee the adequate execution of the work and therefore ensure optimum availability of the swap bodies. In this way, the forward-looking control via telematics is combined with the solid craftsmanship of our workshop partners.