ECR-SWAP-Solutions – much more than just another offer for a swap body service

ECR-SWAP-Solutions-Service is the innovative development of existing solutions on the market. Our SWAP service is supported and controlled by telematics in a unique way in all steps of the process.

ECR-SWAP-Solutions – gives a complete overview to the fleet of the UVV inspection status

All UVV inspection dates are managed by the ECR system and the current inspection orders are all available at the associated garages. A daily updated data will be created for the application planning and the vehicle disposition so that a due swap body can be controlled.

ECR-SWAP-Solutions – dispose a mobile order- and routing management

ECR has developed a mobile data collection device especially for mobile garages to the application planning and the order processing. A member of the service team can handle the order processing directly on-site. He will find all information to the swap body in the order management. Everything is possible directly via our mobile data collection device – To create UVV- inspection protocols, to execute repair orders or to arrange a necessary transfer of a swap body to a fixed garage. The communication to the ECR system is given at any time. Communication not only means to send notices or messages; it includes also the data transfer of an order until the finishing status at the end. That means that all involved persons will be informed as fast as possible when the checked or repaired vehicle is operational again.

No compromise on spare parts and garages

We use exclusively original-spare-parts-quality. Therefore a necessary reliability is given or rather the warranty defects will be successfully realized with the manufacture. Thereby ECR-SWAP-Solutions sets clear norms in the SWAP-service world. Our garage partners are proofed and guarantee a qualified service, therefore an optimal availability of the swap body is guaranteed. ECR combines the modern SWAP control via telematics with the solid work of our work shop partners.