About us

Long company name, large commercial vehicle know-how

Efficient-Consumer-Response ECR-Solutions Service Company mbH – Admittedly, our official name is really long. However, it describes what ECR solutions is standing for since the creation in the year 2002: The efficiency increase of business processes, especially of fleets in the commercial vehicle industry. By the way: the location of our company, which is run by Managing Director Mr. Fred Schäfer, is located in 26188 Edewecht.


Efficiency is our philosophy

Our company slogan is to look at business processes in a holistic way. We are firmly convinced that only with this approach it is possible to make fleet management processes more efficiently. To achieve our objective, we integrate from the beginning all partners who are involved in corporate and interdepartmental organizational processes and create therefore a complete information chain from the production through the trade and to the end customer. We never lose sight of developing cost-conscious solutions from customer’s point of view, to create maximum cost transparency and to optimize processes in a wide variety of distribution processes.

Our independence pays off

As an owner-managed company, we guarantee neutrality in our daily work. ECR stands for an independent fleet management regarding to manufacturers, partners and providers. We see us as a classic outsourcing service provider as well as a complete service provider for your fleet management.