Complex specifications require a strategic approach

At the present time of an accelerating world of work, the vehicle fleet operators are exposed to ever-increasing demands of their customers. Especially when it comes to the availability of the vehicle, the organization of the maintenance or the rating of the vehicle at the end of the contract term pushes many companies to their limits.

Master challenges – and carry out respectfully

Exactly for these complex fleet management requirements, ECR solutions has the appropriate and modern answers. Either it will be in purchase, in operation, administration or in controlling. We see our mission to address these challenges and to carry them out respectfully. Only in this way a complete verifiability and a control of all vehicle costs is guaranteed from the beginning.


New ideas, new opportunities

A principal focus of our work is to identify potential savings and to make use of it. We ensure, for example, that distribution processes will be coordinated and take place, which increases the efficiency and quality of the service. Another objective of our service is to improve the security and the transparency of goods and information channels. In addition, we accelerate the money flow by using the credit method and coordinate the interfaces of all involved persons in the business process. In brief, ECR-Solutions standardizes business processes. Like the purchase of goods as well as the services – from the end user to the manufacturer. Just like our customers appreciate.