A Strategic Approach Is the Key

In today’s work environment, processes are becoming ever faster and more complicated. This also increases the demands on the part of customers, which operators of vehicle fleets have to face. Whether it is the availability of the vehicles, the organization of maintenance work or the evaluation of the vehicle at the end of the contract period, many companies reach their limits when dealing with these complex challenges.

Clearly Define Challenges and Master Them

ECR-Solutions has made it its business to offer suitable and up-to-date solutions for the challenges in fleet management, be it in procurement, operations, administration or controlling. This includes a clear definition of the requirements and transparent documentation of the processes. This is the only way to ensure complete traceability and therefore control over all vehicle costs right from the start.

A Breath of Fresh Air with New Ideas

One of our main focuses is to identify and exploit potential savings. For example, we arrange that distribution processes are coordinated and run smoothly, which in turn leads to an increase in efficiency and service quality. We ensure security and transparency in the transport of goods and the transfer of information. The introduction of the credit note procedure makes it possible to simplify and accelerate the flow of money. And finally, we coordinate all interfaces between the parties involved. To sum it up, ECR- Solutions simplifies and standardizes business processes. This applies to the procurement of goods and services; it starts with the manufacturer and extends to the end consumer. Exactly as our customer wants it.